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Solo acoustic guitar album. This instrumental album contains six original tunes and five fingerstyle arrangements o famous jazz, pop and classical tunes.

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Enrico Maria Milanesi – Acoustic guitar, fretless classical guitar

Julian Scordato - Electronics, sound design (on track 3)

Massimo Guaccio - Percussions (on track 2)


Recorded by Enrico Maria Milanesi @ InDaHouse Studio, Pordenone (IT)

Mixed and mastered by Marc DeSisto @ Luke's Room Studio, Los Angeles (CA)



1. Ragtime in Cuba (E.M. Milanesi)

2. Tig Còilì (E.M. Milanesi)

3. Dans l'Esprit du Compositeur (E.M. Milanesi, J. Scordato)

4. Le Petit Sorcier (E.M. Milanesi)

5. I Want You Back (The Jackson 5)

6. My Favourite Things (R. Rodgers, O. Hammerstein II)

7. Thinking Out Loud (E. Sheeran)

8. Fretless Gipsy (E.M. Milanesi)

9. La Catedral - Allegro Solemne (A. Barrios)

10. Metronome Man (E.M. Milanesi)

11. Tristorosa (H. Villa-Lobos)


The album is available both in digital (in major music stores) and physical support. To receive a physical copy please click on the button below and send me your shipping address.

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