Italian guitar player Enrico Maria Milanesi debuts with his first solo album, "Hanami".

This instrumental album contains five original tunes and four fingerstyle arrangements of famous Eric

Clapton, Paco de Lucìa and Ennio Morricone themes.

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Enrico Maria Milanesi – Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, Fretless guitar

Claudio Mucin – Violin

Tommaso Fracassi – Viola

Carolina Zanelli – Cello

Published by BirdLand Sounds



1. Forever Man (E. Clapton)

2. Almoraima (P. de Lucía)

3. Manouche Dream (E. M. Milanesi)

4. Rise Passage (E. M. Milanesi)

5. C’era una volta il West, Giù la testa* (E. Morricone)

6. L’estasi dell’oro, C’era una volta in America (E. Morricone)

7. Gipsy Run to Hollywood (E. M. Milanesi)

8. Hanami (E. M. Milanesi)

9. Jurandvor (E. M Milanesi)


* medley


The album is available both in digital (in major music stores) and physical support. To receive a physical copy please click on the button below and send me your shipping address.

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