tal cil des acuilis


After releasing her first EP "Attimi" and her first official album "E poi vivere", both in Italian language, Italian songwriter Giulia Daici honors her land by releasing this album, in Friulian language (a native language from the north east of Italy).

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Enrico on all tracks except track 3.

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The album is in the second place for the contest "Targhe Tenco 2013", for best album in dialect and minority languages.

Artistic production: Simone Rizzi

Executive production: Giulia Daici

Arranged by Simone Rizzi except track 3, arranged by Serena Finatti and Andrea Varnier, and tracks 4, 6, 8, arranged by Roberto Montanari and Simone Rizzi.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Simone Rizzi

Giulia Daici - vocals

Simone Rizzi - bass, electric guitar, keyboards, computer programming

Enrico Maria Milanesi - acoustic guitar

Alessio de Franzoni - piano (tracks 1, 2, 7, 8, 10)

Andrea Varnier - acoustic guitar (track 3)

Serena Finatti - vocals (track 3)

Kids of Primary School of Artegna (Udine) and "Gruppo In arte... Buri" (Buttrio) - choirs



1. Lidrîs di armonie (G. Daici)

2. Tal cîl des acuilis (G. Daici)

3. Nol vâl mica pôc ft. Deja (S. Rizzi)

4. Ti vuei ben (S. Rizzi)

5. Lis nestris sensazions (G. Daici)

6. Scusimi (G. Daici; I. Valusso)

7. Serenade di lûs (G. Daici)

8. Gnots d’unvier (S. Rizzi)

9. Aiar (G. Daici)

10. No tu sês (G. Daici)

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