Live fingerstyle guitar album. I hope this album can reproduces the unique magic that is created in a live performance and the connection between the artist and the listener, which is impossibile to recreate in the studio.

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Enrico Maria Milanesi – Acoustic guitar

Claudio Mucin - Violin

Tommaso Fracassi - Viola

Giulio Pacini - Cello


Recorded by Massimo Rispoli @ Aldo Moro Theatre, Cordenons (PN), IT on May, 23th 2018.

Mixed by Enrico Maria Milanesi @ InDaHouse Studio, Pordenone (PN), IT

Mastered by David Glasser @ Airshow Mastering, Boulder (CO)



1. Fingerstyle medley (One Mint Julep - I Go to Rio - Cannonball Rag) - R. Toombs, P. Allen, M. Travis
2. Ragtime in Cuba - E.M. Milanesi
3. I Want You Back - The Jackson 5
4. Tristorosa - H. Villa-Lobos
5. Le Petit Sorcier - E.M. Milanesi
6. Train to Dusseldorf - T. Emmanuel
7. My Favourite Things - R. Rodgers, O. Hammerstein II
8. The Tall Fiddler - T. Emmanuel
9. Hanami - E.M. Milanesi
10. Classical Gas - M. Williams
11. Metronome Man - E.M. Milanesi
12. Thinking Out Loud - E. Sheeran
13. Guitar Boogie - A. Smith
14. We Will Meet Again - B. Evans (arranged by Antoin Boyer)
15. Forever Man - E. Clapton


The album is available both in digital (in major music stores) and physical support. To receive a physical copy please click on the button below and send me your shipping address.

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